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Acedemic Projects

A partial list of projects completed by Blessington Corporation:

  Boston University Brookline, MA
  Thayer Academy Braintree, MA
  Tufts University Pearson Hall Somerville, MA
  Mt Holyoke College Hadley, MA
  Tufts University Cabot Hall Somerville, MA
  Walnut Hill School Natick, MA
  MIT LIncoln Labs Lexington, MA
  Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge, MA
  Harvard University Cambridge, MA
  Kimball Court Woburn, MA
  Hartford University Hartford, CT
  Milton Academy Milton, MA
  Eagle Hill School Hardwick, MA
  Bentley College Waltham, MA
  Eastern Nazarine College Quincy, mA
  JRI Pelham School Lexington, MA